Block Plate Printing Supplies

Block Plate Printing Supplies

Block plate printing is such a fun technique to use to create things that are 100% unique to you and your style. The possibilities are endless on what you can carve, therefore create. 

It's a relatively simple skill to learn, and with a little practice you can get some very intricate designs.

The other good thing is that it takes very few tools to get started - most of which you may already have on hand.

*If you purchase through these links, I will make a bit of commission off them.

First, this Speedball Kit is a great starting point. It has all the basic tools you need to create block plate prints.
If you need to order the kit, I also recommend buying some of these carving blocks. They're an off brand but identical to the Speedball ones, so this is definitely a spot you can save. They work out to only be a couple of bucks each, which is a steal for block print blanks.
Speaking of blanks - when you're first learning to carve, I highly recommend using pink pearl erasers because it's the same material but smaller. Once you have the method down (which won't take long), then move to the larger sheets.

Besides that, you'll also need some silk screen ink. My favorite is Chalk Couture silk screen inks, because it comes in either little packets or 3 oz tubs - but it comes in a ton of gorgeous colors!

You can also use ink pads - and we do in the class with the smaller eraser stamps. My favorite is the Archival Inks I sell in my shop.

As for the other things, you most likely already these, and if not you can grab those too:

  • Pen and permanent marker
  • Craft knife and scissors
  • Self healing cutting mat
  • Glass cutting board
  • Card stock or watercolor paper
  • Fabric (bag or tea towel works)

And that's it! If you want to learn how to make prints, check out the subscription on my Instagram and you'll find the class there!

Stay creatively curious!



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