Art + History go hand in hand

As an artist and a historian, helping to preserve the past has always been important to me, which is why I am partnering with my friends Dr. Maria Nilsson and John Ward to help fund one of the largest archeological sites in Egypt.

Unearthing the past

For over 10 years, Maria and John have been digging up the history from the site. Silsila is a collection of stone quarries which was the source of much of the building blocks of ancient Egypt. From obliesks to smaller statues, the stone from Silsila was monumental in the creation of the grandeur of many of the popular historic tourists attractions from ancient Egypt today.


Art with a purpose

We have personally donated thousands of dollars to help preserve this site and continue the important research of all that Silsila holds. I created the Art for Archeology collection with the sole purpose of donating 100% of the sales to help Maria and John continue this important endeavor.

Whether you purchase from the collection or donate directly, all funds are used to help for research and maintenance of Silsila.