Gel Plate Printing Supplies

Gel Plate Printing Supplies

Every month on Instagram Subscriptions, I share an in-depth class on a creative skill - and the April 2023 class was all about Gel Plate Printing 101.

While all the details on printing the 9 different prints are over on Instagram, if you're not on there, you can also find them on my class library in the independent class Gel Plate Printing.

Gel Plate Printing Supplies

But this blog post is all about the supplies you need for Gel Plate Printing, so let's get to it.

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First, you'll need Gelli Plates - and they come in different shapes and sizes, but if this is your first time ever, I suggest the 5x7 Gelli Plates. 

If you've never used them before, they're a flexible, gelatin like sheet that allows you to create tons of different prints and they're so much fun to use!
Gel Plate Printing Supplies: Acrylic Paper
In addition to that, you'll also need some paper to print on - I use a combination of cheap gift wrap tissue sheets, book pages or Acrylic Paper. 
You'll also need some paint - and although you can use any kind, I highly recommend using heavy bodied acrylic paints. If you're using metallics, Golden brand is my go-to for all things shimmery. 
I've used other brands, and they just do not perform quite as well - however you can use whatever metallic brand you like. Or ditch them all together and just use solid colors instead. 
Speedball Brayer for Gel Plate Printing
To spread that paint on the gel plate, you'll need a soft rubber brayer, and I like this version from Speedball. It's durable and you can use it over and over for years - and across multiple different mediums (like the Block Plate Printing we do in June 2023). 


And that's the basic supplies you'll need to create gorgeous gel plate prints!

The other supplies you might need, but most likely already have are:

  • Scissors
  • String
  • Stencils
  • Rubber Stamps
  • Drop Cloth or Table Covering
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Paper Tubes (like from paper towels)

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Stay creatively curious!





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